Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lopez's suggestion

Is recently that I compile the evidence against Kennedy or Kate.

I have done so - re Scientolgy and Kennedy here - and Kate on SDA 2.0 - ( guess Lopez has not bothered to examine the archives of either place)

As for the issue of Billy Beck and whether he wants his material OFF of No Treason.

It's a simple matter Lopez.

Have you bothered to ASK Billy?

Or are you just taking John T Kennedy's word for it?

I know what the answer to that is...

but it would be funny to the on-lookers of this little spat to hear you say the words out-loud.

*Update* Ernest Brown suggests the following instead which cuts to the bone, on why it is that Billy himself has *nothing to say* on the subject himself.

" bg class="oa">Billy Beck
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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 21:52:11 GMT
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Subject: Re: Bookmark - Beck: Black Church Burnings (was Re: Joy)
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" Kurt Lochner"> wrote:

>Billy Beck wrote:
>>Kennedy documented the whole episode here --

>Fuck him..

That's exactly what I've had to say about him [KENNEDY] for months, now.


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