Thursday, January 05, 2006

John T Kennedy As The Eleanor Rigby Of BlogWord....

Are you like obsessed with me?

Click on the link.

Gee John. How did you end up at the Progressive Bloggers of Canada web diaries?
Did your charming friend KKKate McMillan send you?

Or were you stalking me?

Curious isn't it?

Do you run around the internet looking for my vague refferences to things you may have said to me in the past, and then feel a compulsion to rebut it?

Did your parents not pay enough attention to you when you were a child, and this is how you compensate by it now? By running around the internet picking fights with people?


How very very sad for you.

Psychotherapy is not cheap John, but it would perhaps be a little less embarrasing than this vulgar display of your psychopathology.

So.... uh....When are you going to take Billy Beck's Material Off his Website, as per his request.

Now look, people, if there is anybody out there who doesn't believe that Billy requested/demanded of John T Kennedy, why don't you send Billy a little email note and ask him. That ought to clarify matters.

You will note, in going back to the Chronology of Events that it was only after that I pointed out what a second-hand loser, looter, parasite and thief that Kennedy was acting like by stealing Billy's stuff (ie using it without his permission) that the attacks against me began in earnest... especially helped along by his brighty shinny new friend KKKate

Cause guess what, John T Kennedy. Running around the internet attack me, hoping to provoke a response from Billy is simply not going to work.

Billy Beck still hates your gates. He still considers you to be be dead to him. And he still wants you to take down all your stuff off his site.

And what I find hilarious is this...

Aren't 3 of these "authors" no longer participating in your little weblog Kennedy? Which makes your little blogroll there, a "lie"?


Any good psychiatrist will tell you that talking to yourself... or talking to people who refuse to answer you, is a sign of mental instablity. Do you do this in other places Kennedy, or just in blogworld?

Keep on Blogging Kennedy.
I love watching you make such an ass of yourself.


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