Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Beck's Final Say On The Subject

Who and what am I on this issue? Well - I guess, since Billy has made it clear that he wants his materials (ALL OF IT) off of No Treason, and Kennedy is such a dishonest parasite, looter scum, that he won't abide by the request... I am the *fee* that Kennedy gets to pay for using Billy's work without his permission.

Every few months, just when John Kennedy thinks he's gotten away with having people forgotten what a lowlife scumbag he is, I will pop up and remind people of Beck's final word on the matter. Here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lopez's suggestion

Is recently that I compile the evidence against Kennedy or Kate.

I have done so - re Scientolgy and Kennedy here - and Kate on SDA 2.0 - ( guess Lopez has not bothered to examine the archives of either place)

As for the issue of Billy Beck and whether he wants his material OFF of No Treason.

It's a simple matter Lopez.

Have you bothered to ASK Billy?

Or are you just taking John T Kennedy's word for it?

I know what the answer to that is...

but it would be funny to the on-lookers of this little spat to hear you say the words out-loud.

*Update* Ernest Brown suggests the following instead which cuts to the bone, on why it is that Billy himself has *nothing to say* on the subject himself.

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" Kurt Lochner" ...@NOSPAMhotmail.com> wrote:

>Billy Beck wrote:
>>Kennedy documented the whole episode here --

>Fuck him..

That's exactly what I've had to say about him [KENNEDY] for months, now.

Because John T Kennedy Is An Ignorant Idiot

Here is an article for him to read:

Maybe someday he will learn something, and stop acting like such a scientologist dumbass.

Indian Kinship: Relevant Portion

Among the Salish tribes of British Columbia, who appear to have had a special fondness for recording genealogies, the number of terms of relationship is very greatly increased. Thus four or even five generations back of that of the parents and below that of the children are marked by distinct terms, and there are distinguishing terms for the first, second, third, and youngest child, and for the uncle, aunt, etc., according as one's father, mother, or other relative through whom the relationship exists is living or dead, and different terms for a living and a dead wife. There are thus 25 terms of relationship among the Lillooet, 28 among the Shuswap, and 31 among the Squawmish. By way of illustration, the kinship system of the last-mentioned tribe is subjoined (see Boas in Rep. on N. W. Tribes of Can., 136, 1890):
1. Direct relationship. Haakweyuk, great-great-great grandparent or great

great-great grandchild; tsopeyuk, great-great-grandparent or great-great-grandchild; stshamik, great-grandparent or great-grandchild; seel, grandfather, grandmother, great-uncle, or great-aunt; emats, grandchild, grandnephew, or grandniece; man, father; chisha, mother; men, child; seentl, eldest child; anontatsh, second child; menchechit, third child; saut, youngest child; kupkuopits, brothers, sisters, and cousins together; kuopits, elder brother or sister, or father's or mother's elder brother's or sister's child; skak, younger brother or sister, or father's or mother's younger brother's or sister's child snchoitl, cousin.

2. Indirect relationship.

(A) When the intermediate relative is alive: sisi, father's or mother's brother or sister; staeatl, brother's or sister's child; chemash, wife's or husband's cousin, brother, or sister; or cousin's brother's or sister's wife or husband; saak, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, or mother-in-law; skuewas, any relative of a I)usharnl or wife.
(B) When the intermediate relative is dead: uotsaeqoitl, father's or mother's brother or sister; suinemaitl, brother's or sister's child; chaiae, wife's or husband's cousin, brother, or sister, or cousin's brother's or sister's wife or husband; slikoaitl, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, or mother-in-law.
3. Indirect affinity Skseel, wife's grandfather or grandmother, or stepfather's, stepmother's father or mother; skaman, aunt's husband or stepfather; skechisha, uncle's wife or stepmother; skemen, stepchild; skemats, grandson's or granddaughter's wife or husband; skesaak, wife's or husband's stepfather or stepmother, or stepchild's husband or wife.

It will be noted that many of these are reciprocal terms, and such were very common in Indian kinship systems, used between persons of different generations, as above, or sometimes between persons of opposite, sex of the same generation, such as husband and wife. Out of 14 terms in Klamath and Modoc 11 are reciprocal. On the other hand, persons of different sexes will often indicate the same relative, such as a father or a mother, by entirely different terms, and different terms are applied to those of a person's own phratry and to members of the opposite one, while the Iroquois use, the equivalent for 'brother' for persons inside and outside the tribe indiscriminately. In all tribes, no matter how organized, a distinction is made between the elder and the younger members of the generation of self, at least between older and younger members of the same sex.

The terms corresponding to 'grandfather' and `grandmother,' except among a few peoples, like the Salish, were extended to all those of a generation older than that of the parents and sometimes even to persons of that generation, while the term for 'grandchild' was applied to very young people by old ones quite indiscriminately. There were also terms to indicate the potential relationship of husband and wife, applied by a man to his wife's sisters, his aunt, or his niece, not because she was or had been, but because she might become, his wife, as usually happens to the wife's sister after the wife's death.

But then... I don't need to read about this crap on the internet...
I live it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lynette Warren Revealed

I have it on good authority - from her ex-husband, that this is what Lynette Warren of "No Treason" Looks like... or at least she did, before she snuck out of her house in the middle of the night and moved off to join the Dalton Gang - aka John T Kennedy and his "No Treason Bordello"


Now that's some kind of ugly.

John T Kennedy of No Treason Steals

And Continues to Steal

And if you don't believe this

Just ask Billy Beck who asked many months ago for John to remove ALL his material from No Treason, and which John T Kennedy has refused to do.

You don't need to take my word for it.

Just ask Beck himself.

I do not speak for the man.

I don't need to.

He has no interest in "reasoning" with a looter, a jackal and a parasite - like Kennedy, but if he is convinced you are an honest person, and can benefit by his experience in his dealings with Kennedy, he might be inclined to tell you what happened, and why it is that Kennedy is such a creep and why he see's fit to never deal with the man again.

And that's the real reason that I am a regular running source of amusement and scorn at the NotReason Circle-Jerk of Prudent Predators... because I am willing to regularly bring up the fact that they are a bunch of parasites.

Ah well.

Such is life in a land of malignant eloi.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

John T Kennedy As The Eleanor Rigby Of BlogWord....

Are you like obsessed with me?

Click on the link.

Gee John. How did you end up at the Progressive Bloggers of Canada web diaries?
Did your charming friend KKKate McMillan send you?

Or were you stalking me?

Curious isn't it?

Do you run around the internet looking for my vague refferences to things you may have said to me in the past, and then feel a compulsion to rebut it?

Did your parents not pay enough attention to you when you were a child, and this is how you compensate by it now? By running around the internet picking fights with people?


How very very sad for you.

Psychotherapy is not cheap John, but it would perhaps be a little less embarrasing than this vulgar display of your psychopathology.

So.... uh....When are you going to take Billy Beck's Material Off his Website, as per his request.

Now look, people, if there is anybody out there who doesn't believe that Billy requested/demanded of John T Kennedy, why don't you send Billy a little email note and ask him. That ought to clarify matters.

You will note, in going back to the Chronology of Events that it was only after that I pointed out what a second-hand loser, looter, parasite and thief that Kennedy was acting like by stealing Billy's stuff (ie using it without his permission) that the attacks against me began in earnest... especially helped along by his brighty shinny new friend KKKate

Cause guess what, John T Kennedy. Running around the internet attack me, hoping to provoke a response from Billy is simply not going to work.

Billy Beck still hates your gates. He still considers you to be be dead to him. And he still wants you to take down all your stuff off his site.

And what I find hilarious is this...

Aren't 3 of these "authors" no longer participating in your little weblog Kennedy? Which makes your little blogroll there, a "lie"?


Any good psychiatrist will tell you that talking to yourself... or talking to people who refuse to answer you, is a sign of mental instablity. Do you do this in other places Kennedy, or just in blogworld?

Keep on Blogging Kennedy.
I love watching you make such an ass of yourself.