Monday, November 14, 2005

"John T Kennedy" The Looter and Parasite!

Was just on AIM with Mike Schnieder last night and he told me that he had demanded that his stuff be taken off of Kennedy's No Treason blog months ago. And Kennedy has once again refused to comply with the request.

Way back when John T Kennedy of the Not Reason blog was just kicking No Treason into existence, trying to get people to add to his masthead... he asked a number of people, myself included, to let him have some of our content.

A few months ago, Billy Beck asked that his materials be removed from the No Treason blog. Kennedy proceeded to play silly buggar, and made up, out of whole cloth some bullshit about how at one point Billy had agreed to let the material stay on his blog for as long as the blog existed. Billy has no recollection of such an agreement taking place. And he frankly could care less to argue the point. His stance is... "Well.. if that's how little honor the guy has, he's not worth any thought, effort or emotion". And so it's been.

Any mention of Kennedy or "No Treason", when I talk with Billy, is met with the equivelent of a "cold stare" and a contemptous metaphysical spit, in their direction.

I guess that's the cruelest twist of all for John T Kennedy.
That somebody like Billy, whose articles he so admires that he needs to basically engage in thievery at this point to keep them, could give a runny poop about him, or his stupid blog.

I suspect, that at this point in time, if news was to break in blog-circles that Kennedy and the entire crew of No Treason, were to have perhaps died in some horrible flaming car-accident... I am guessing that the response to this news from Billy would be something along the lines of...
"Oh gee. How terrible. Hey, Anybody want coffee?"

Anyways.. back to the issue at hand.
Neither I, nor Mike Schenider nor Rob Robertson made ANY such agreement with Kennedy with respect to Material we provided for the No Treason Blog.

Schneider and I are pretty much convinced that Kennedy is simply flat out telling a lie, when he claims that such an agreement was reached with Beck.

I don't know if Bill Kasper aka Dick Freely was asked to make this sort of agreement or not. Maybe he will chime in at some point...

Now, thinking back on the timeline involved..I particularly recall the event about being asked to contribute my column to No Treason, because the column which I did allow Kennedy to put up on "No Treason", was one which had been previously printed in the National Post, and for which they had paid me money. I had to seek permission from the National Post to get that column available for the No Treason blog. At no time did Kennedy ask for the right to hold my column on his blog in perpetuity.

Kennedy also made no such demand or agreement with Mike Schenider, former owner of the American Liberty Yahoo Group with respect to his essay on "Keys"

Mike Schnieder demanded months ago, shortly after Billy did, that Kennedy remove his material from the No Treason blog. Kennedy still has not done so... but came up with a rather weird little twist to justify his theft of intellectual property rights. He posted a message telling people that by reading this message, and by commenting on the message, it was giving consent that their material was now and forevermore the property of No Treason.

Of course Mike Schneider never agreed to such a thing, either back in 2000, nor did he go along with this little retroactive bullshit that Kennedy was trying to pull.

When I demanded that Kennedy remove my material from his blog in 2002, he did so. He made no mention of this faked up little agreeement that he claims he had with No Treason contributor Billy Beck, which he pulled out his ass a few months back, when Billy asked for his stuff to be removed.

So I was lucky. this day, despite their objections... both of Billy's articles and Schenider's article is still up on the No Treason website.

Ergo, John T Kennedy is a second-handed looter.. who has stolen the value of Mike Schnieder's efforts as well as Billy Beck, and he will not abide by their demand that the material be stripped from his website.

Kennedy came by here last week or so saying "You are too stupid for tears".

I just wanted to point out to Kennedy, and any casual readers here... that he is , as I responded at the time "Too dishonest for words".

So well done Kennedy! Keep your plunder that you stole from Billy Beck and Mike Schneider! And try like a blithering fool to pretend that you aren't really stealing.

Maybe.. if Kennedy wishes for it really really hard, he will someday be able to convince himself that his looting of Mike and Billy's stuff is just fine. It might even be done in his shrivelled brain, with some sort of fancy creation of some sort of variation on his prudent predator crap.

After-all.. he *can* and *is* getting away with stealing people's stuff... so maybe, he hasn't violated their rights at all... I guess is how the mind-game he plays with himself will go.

Seriously.. though, I have to ask myself..
Doesn't the man have even a modicum of self-respect?
Guess Not.

2 Months, And he is still providing evidence with each passing day that he is nothing but a parasite looter.

Here's an analogy that seems to fit as far as I am concerned. Let's say for example:

A few years ago, a guy (John T Kennedy) moves into the local neighborhood, and he buys a house. He asks various people in the neighborhood to borrow some of their power-tools... like a lawnmower, hedgetrimmers, or a power-pressure washer etc.... He does not offer to pay for the use of these things, or even rent the damn things. He just asks for the use of them.

Being neighborly... and liking the fact that by this guy fixing up his yard, which will improve property values in the entire neighborhood, these kindly neighbors, like Billy, Mike, Myself and Robertson, all agree to loan Kennedy the use of our property. Again.. this is important, no money changes hand. No value is recieved by the owners of these tools.

A few years later... when he has a falling out with one of his neighbors (me), I demand that he stop using my lawn-tool (An essay I had written for National Publication), and I demand that he remove it from his site, give me back my possession of the property. He does so, without a problem.

A few more years later.. he (Kennedy) has another falling out, and this time, when the kindly neighbor who had loaned the guy the use of several power-tools, and a lawnmower... demands that he stop using these tools and return them to his possession... this Kennedy crank says "But you said when we moved in, that I could use these tools, so long as I lived here, and I felt like I needed them to tend to my yard" Of course, the neighbor (Beck) has absolutley no recollection of such an "agreement" being made.

A few weeks after this, yet another neighbor has a falling out over all this... and again asks for his stuff to be returned to his possesion. (Mike Schneider) Kennedy refuses... but he doesn't dare bring up this issue of whether or not he got Mike to agree to *anything* when Mike first lent him the use of the Keys essay.

So there you have it. What John T Kennedy is, in blunt terms, the crazy neighbor down the street, who borrows on the goodwill of his neighbors, and then pretends, simply because he has them in his possession, he has more of a right to them, than the original owners of the material.

And this tool can't figure out why his brand of "rational evangalism" doesn't work.
Well.. a giant sized economy clue might be for those in thrall with Kennedy's Tea and Crumpet's Circle Jerk No-Treason party is... looters don't make very good prosletyzers.

Wotta show, ladies and gents...
Wotta show!

Friday, November 04, 2005

2nd Hand Parasites Begging For Beck's Attention

I just love watching Kennedy and the "No Treason" wankers beg for attention from Billy Beck.

Latest remarks, by Lopez and Kennedy seem to indicate the delusion on their part that Billy actually gives a flying crap what they have to say or think.

Kennedy writes:

"I'm curious as to just what Beck is doing to fight that war. That's no slap; I'm honestly curious."

I love how the very po-mo Kennedy is still hawking his "No Treason" site, with the tag lines in google that No Treason has "archives going back to 1998". Of course, everything in those "early years" of the "No Treason archives" is Billy's work... which Kennedy no longer has permission to have on his website.

John T Kennedy has never been honest.

Every day that Billy's stuff remains on his site, without his permission proves just how much of a second-handed parasite weasle he is, and always has been. But then what can you expect from somebody who's business practices are straight from the L.Ron Hubbard Business Management "tech"?