Saturday, August 27, 2005

Skating past "Ghoulish" and moving into depraved "gossip" monger territory

For all those who are watching this exchange back and forth between John T Kennedy of "No Treason" and myself and my husband...

I draw your attention to the following:

Kennedy has often advocated for privacy technologies being the means by which individuals are able to protect themselves from the predations of the state.


What I find totally mystifying and remarkable is how Kennedy speaks about valuing technology to protect people's privacy, and yet his actions demonstrate his paper-thin commitment to the concept of privacy rights or property rights for that matter. Once again, Kennedy has it ass-backwards. He talks about privacy being a means to an end... and not an end in and of itself required for human beings to live qua human beings.

See his and Lynette's complete lack of ethics in going into an instant message chat with Billy Beck, asking what Lynette admitted were "nosey" questions and then posting the transcripts. She asked a long series of very personal questions to Billy, including speculating aloud about what property *he* may inherit from his late-father, and mother.

Billy's response was "I can't believe that you asked me that".

It never even seemed to dawn on Lynette that this was an impertinent and kind of bizarre question to ask.

Kennedy's response to my questioning of his ethics on this is to proclaim that there is no essential difference between an email and and an instant messaging chat session.

When I have asked them repeatedly why they did not ask their various "nosey" questions about Billy's life out in public, they blank out the context of a private discussion having occured.

So, my suggestion for people is to be very alert on this sort of thing when dealing with these two. Do not give these jackals and "japes" (Thank you Ernest Brown, for that very apt descriptor of these two vultures) any details of your life at all. Ever. Under any circumstances. If you do, you can be certain that they will break any confidence you may have given them, for any reason that they desire. They have no compunction about doing so.

Kennedy, like a predatory shark (That according to his "game-theory" ethics, he believes himself to be) thinks he smells blood in the water, on the subject of my children.

Some of you know exactly what I am talking about here. I've asked him to post what he knows about my children.

Considering his stance as elaborated in the "Rights of Blastocytes.." threadlets that I started to post... I am just waiting to see where he wants to go with all this.

What's really amazing is while Kennedy purports to be libertarian, his behavior is exactly the kind I would have expected from a fascist right-winger... or a "morality is all subjective" left-winger. But never did I expect it to come from somebody in the libertarian camp. I also find it remarkable that during the decade that I have spent on the internet.. in the end, it wasn't the leftists or the hard-right that I would ever have to confront on this sort of thing. Maybe Kevin Michael Grace was right when he said that "Libertarianism" as being advocated by many faux-libertarians these days, is "not" a philosophy "suitable for adults". Certainly the "Game-Theory-Prudent Predator" derived variant strain of Libertarianism isn't, if Kennedy and his behavior is any indication.

Now, there are things about my life that I think don't belong in the catagory of fodder for vicious predatory gossip-mongering. And as such, I have posted very little about it. One of those incidents would be in the year after my daughter was born, I was suffering from undiagnosed and untreated post-partum depression. My response to the depression was to work 16 hours a day, and stop eating and sleeping for days at a time. I also piled on way too many responsibilities for any person to handle. I ended up in hospital in the summer of 2003 for 10 days after a collapse.

It was another two self-proclaimed "libertarians" who *outed* that particular aspect of my life. And I have noted with amazement that when cornered this is exactly the kind of thing that cretins like Kennedy resort to in their smears.

So... I'm watching and waiting for Kennedy to go off like a bomb on this subject. He and Lynette have brought it up a few times now. Notice Lynette's comment to me about how "Maybe you should integrate some contraception to stay out of the hospital".

I realized more than a few years ago, that writing anything about your life at all, was a dangerous business in todays popular culture. And the reason it is, can be neatly explained by the behavior of these No Treason creeps.

*This* behavior is exactly what one can expect from people who have no concept of honor, nor any concept of respect for the rights of other individuals.

Here.. from the transcript of their chat session with Billy pay note:

Lynette Warr3n: I'm nosey. It's my nature.

Lynette Warr3en: I gotta have the dope

It's true. To somebody like Lynette or Kennedy, the intimate details of the lives of other people are like blood to a vampire... they do "gotta have the dope". As in, they drool, slather and beg for this kind of information. It "intoxicates" them to get close to the worlds of other people. (Notice Lynette's strange fascination with Royalty and Celebrities from her days on usenet before she got really into politics.. also note that in contrast to her statement about never having used a nym on the internet, she did used to post occasionally as "Lisa Arren")

These people are "second-handers" in every possible sense of that word.

They live very small lives, with very small brains. They need some vital source like Billy Beck to sponge off of, to live vicariously thru. Like moths to a flame... parasites attached to a host. I can barely imagine the soon to be occuring gnashing of teeth and caterwauling mewling that is bound to occur when Kennedy is starved for more details of my life, or the details of my mother's death, or the intimacies of the life of somebody like Billy.

It's been over a week since this whole thing errupted... and Billy requested that they remove his material from their blog. Pay special attention to that. They still have not removed it. Instead... they are mewling and moaning and lurching around... trying to keep clutching their respectability to them, in presuming their right to hold onto his intellectual property even though he withdrew his consent.

I tend to suspect at this point that their little game with me is a distraction to keep people from noticing that they still have not honoured Beck's requests.

As Mike Schnieder said recently... "These people aren't worth your time".

Yes, I most certainly agree Mike. So... I think what would be best is to deprive them of another *victim* to engage in their sponging, second-handedness with. Perhaps it's time to pull the plug, and turn off their sustenance.

One more thought, as I start to wrap this whole thing up... In the transcripts Lynette made of her conversation with Billy, she made a very interesting couple of remarks.

Lynette Warr3n: To tell you the truth, there aren't many people that I care to interact with anymore.

What I find interesting about that is... in contrast to Billy's ability to find interesting, valuable and decent people to deal with, and my own experience of constantly making new friends and keeping the friends that I have made over the years... I guess it must be very sad for Lynette to constantly have the world closing in around her and the "No Treason" bordello she inhabits with the very small and petty anti-hero John T Kennedy III.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger John T. Kennedy said...

"It's been over a week since this whole thing errupted... and Billy requested that they remove his material from their blog. Pay special attention to that. They still have not removed it."

I have complied with his request, you just misunderstood it.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Boy, your world must just keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller Kennedy as you and "Lisa Arren" burn through more and more friends.

Sorry to read about "Lisa" having her marital property "stolen" from her by Mr.Robertson.

Tell me, did that have anything to do with her up and leaving her family in the middle of the night to escape to the No Treason bordello?

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Lynette Warren said...

Hey! Let's not get personal!!

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Are you joking Lynette?

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Wm J Beck III: And, thinking about it, as long as we're thinking about it: if I can't have my articles taken off your site, then what *does* that "copyright" mean, anyway?
jtk3isme: You can't have them taken off because you agreed to let me have them on the site as long as it's here
Wm J Beck III: You didn't answer the question.
jtk3isme: it acknowleges you have rights to what you've written, which you are free bargain away
jtk3isme: free to
Wm J Beck III: That's a logical piece of shit, John, and you know it. If that deal was as done as you say, then that copyright isn't even a pretense.
Wm J Beck III: I suggest you take it off and keep things honest.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger John T. Kennedy said...

Right, I took it off as per the request.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...


It's still there including an index

At 1:34 PM, Blogger John T. Kennedy said...

No hard feelings?

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Lynette Warren said...

Meaghan, get a grip.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Take the man's property off of your blog, like he requested.

It's a simple thing really.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Hey Lynette... get a life.

One that doesn't involve living vicariously through other people and mooching off of their essence, and the details of their lives. One that doesn't involve appropriating their property.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Kipawa Condor said...



It's still there including an index

Huh? I don't see any copyright notice on that page.

I do think JTK is out of line in his recent treatment of you, Meaghan, but it's pretty clear Billy was asking for the copyright notice to be removed, not all of his work. You could ask him.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...


I'll ask him.

The problem is of course... he wants nothing more to do with *them*, or even to talk about them, and his desire on that, is based on his refusal to be "gamed" or "engaged" by Kennedy any further.

"Nothing would surprise me at this point" -- seems pretty definitive to me.

He is serious about it.

My read is that he asked for his work to be taken down off the site.

Then the discussion went off in a tangent towards the issue of copyright.

But his initial request seemed very clear to me... as did Kennedy's response in saying

"You can't have them taken off because you agreed to let me have them on the site as long as it's here"

I think that is a flat out lie, that Kennedy just made up. Rob Robertson, myself, Tim Starr, did not strike any such "deal".

Billy told me that he does not remember any such "deal". And he cares so little about Kennedy that he will not demean himself by making an issue of it.

My position is... if Kennedy wants to allege such a "contract" took place.. then he best prove it.

Which I doubt very much he can do.

Kennedy's refusal to honor his request and quibbling like he has, would put Billy in the position of trying to prove a negative.. that no such deal ever took place.

He's not interested in that kind of stupid rhetorical game with the likes of Kennedy.

It is beneath him.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger John T. Kennedy said...

Et tu, Kipawa?

May it be possible, that foreign hire could out of thee extract one spark of evil that might annoy my finger? 'tis so strange, that, though the truth of it stands off as gross As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it.

And thus thy fall hath left a kind of blot, to mark the full-fraught man and best inbued with some suspicion. For this revolt of thine, methinks, is like another fall of man.

And Meaghan?

Stop being so nosey.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

"stop being nosey".

This from the man who wants to hash out the gory details of my mother's death and purported alcoholism, and wants to know more about my household and children...

Disapear Kennedy, you freakish ghoul.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Kipawa Condor said...

" Et tu, Kipawa?"

Nay, but he prated,
And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms
That, with the little godliness I have,
I did full hard forbear him.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

"I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never heard of, and I fail to see—because I do not happen to be a "Somebody"—why my diary should not be interesting. My only regret is that I did not commence it when I was a youth." --John T Kennedy: The Libertarian's very own "Charles Pooter"


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