Friday, August 26, 2005

"No Treason" A Ghoulish Tea-Party in Cyberspace

Watching the peculiar behavior of John Kennedy trying again to get Billy Beck to notice him, by posting in a discussion that he was made aware that Beck was involved in, thanks to the Two-Four blog post on the subject.

And then I note the strange fascination that Kennedy seems to be exhibiting over the details of my biological mother's death. I think, actually at this point, Kennedy has brought up my mother's death almost as many times in the past week, than I have done in the decade that I have been on the internet.

I think there are 7-8 occasions where I wrote about my mother's *death* in a decade on the internet. Now... if there are other occasions, I can't recall. But I am sure Kennedy would be happy to provide some links to it. I do recall that there was a period of time where I was cautiously speculating about her death in the context of... if she did not kill herself... then who did?... Any murder investigation asks the 3 questions of Means, Motive and Opportunity. In the context of what was going on in my mother's life at the time, as well as in the context of what was happening in Cowichan with the Fish Weir protests in 1975, as well as in the context of the American Indian Movement people who ended up in British Columbia... particularly at least one who ended up eventually being arrested, after 2 decades, implicated in the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash... I did for a time wonder about the strange circumstances of her death... on a couple of occasions... of the 7-8 times when I discussed her death over the years.

There are still people who to this day who believe she was killed. I am not one of them. I've seen the coroner's report first hand.

In any event... Kennedy has brought this subject up at least half a dozen times now in the past week. Odd really.. because it's *not* his mother. He has no stake in any of this.

In any event... Kennedy seems ghoulishly fascinated with this subject. He and Lynette have made a number of remarks about "corpse dragging" in reference to Cindy Sheehan. Indeed, they have accused me of being a "corpse dragger", both in talking about my grandfather, and in talking about my mother.

It's an interesting little ad-hominem. It's something like their "movementarian" smear. As Kevin Michael Grace, of the Ambler has been wont to remark, one of the problems with Libertarians like them, is that so often, their endless on-going debates about various issues are cluttered with this kind of "cipher-speak". Kennedy and Lynette have created their own little vocabulary for their particular *strain* of "libertarianism". I can understand why John T Kennedy has no faith in the concept of trying to spread rational thought. Nearly every utterance of his is sprinkled thru with some kind of bizarre new lingo that he has invented. It is utterly innaccesible to any casual reader, or impartial observer.

I am assuming that what they mean by the term "pathetic corpse dragger" is, somebody who brings the dead into their discussions on various subjects, regardless of whether it's appropriate to the discussion at hand.

Funny... because if my discussion/speculation about my mother's death is "corpse" dragging... I wonder what one is to make of the following...

Wm J Beck III: He never faced the demand for a yearly accounting of his life to the feds, to *any* proportion, much less what it's come to now.

jtk3isme: Your father did, didn't he?

Wm J Beck III: Did what?

jtk3isme: Paid taxes, including income tax. Lived in this world.

Wm J Beck III: He had five children and a wife, John. I have deliberately avoided that problem. I don't know why you cannot keep a context and insist on ridiculous comparisons like that.

jtk3isme: it's not ridiculous at all, you could have five children and a wife
jtk3isme: was he wrong to do what he did?

Wm J Beck III: That's not my call, and I will thank to you to refrain from lecturing me on what I could have done with my life. I know it all far better than you.

Why is John T Kennedy such a "Pathetic Corpse Dragger"?

And why won't he answer the question I pose to him about when it was exactly that I got a definitive amount of information about my mother's death, if he wants to continue to suggest that I have "changed stories" about her death, in the 8 years that I was involved in trying to determine what happened to her?

His latest charge is interesting too.

Oddly enough, he wants to know if I think she was an alcoholic.



I'm not interested in answering questions from John T Kennedy, the "pathetic corpse dragger" on the subject of my mother's death. (at least not until he answers my question about what knowledge he has about her death, and when I found out for certain had caused it.)

He's just a bloody ghoul.
That's all there is to it.


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