Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Treason Admits It's Connection To The Dangerous and Criminal Cult Of Scientology

From the American Liberty Archives article:

I had written the following to John T Kennedy, and Lisa Arren aka Lynette Warren of "No Treason"


"It now appears that Piazza has attempted to initiate two lawsuits against people for merely questioning what the involvement of the COS is with his business so that they may distance themselves from him, and his business. This is a typical tactic of Scientologists in dealing with any criticism of their cult."

Kennedy asks:

Which two suits would those be?

I had written:

"You and John can play pattycakes nice-nice with any Scientologists that you want, and even promote Piazza and his business and you are even free to suggest that Hsiah has somehow done something wrong by merely questioning what's going on with an organization that she was involved in, and had financially contributed to."

Kennedy responds:

No Treason itself has no connection with Piazza and we are not promoting Front Sight or Scientology. Furthermore, No Treason is in no way, shape, or form connected to or affilated with ANY religion-- Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, Scientology, Mormon, Muslim, etc. We have 15 contributors and I cannot tell you what religious backgrounds they all have as it makes no difference to No Treason. We do not ask, we do not care. Does No Treason use some of the business technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology? Yes, and so do the following companies:

Bell and Howell
Getty Oil
Pacific Stereo
Winston Tires
Del Taco
Broadway Department Stores

Does the use of Hubbard Business Managment Systems connect or affiliate these businesses and governments (or No Treason) with Scientology? Of course not.

John T. Kennedy

No Treason!


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