Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Every Sperm is Sacred" as done by "No Treason" part 9

Sabotta then jumps in, to answer the questions posed way back on the following:

Regarding the subject of how to ethically deal with Human beings who do not choose to live AS human beings:

Why don't *we* tax *them*, (if we had the power to do so) build a welfare state for ourselves on *their* labor - because, after all, they aren't human beings.

Billy responded:

this. I'm not like *them*.

Sabotta said:'re not like them because you respect other's rights. Here we run into a odd situation. You say you don't respect the rights of collectivists. And yet you refrain from robbing, initiating force or defrauding them, just as you refrain from doing those things to Kennedy or myself. Are you suggesting that your reasons for doing this are different when you encounter a collectivist as opposed to when you encounter individualists? That you respect our rights because it's morally right to do so whereas you respect the rights of the local equivalent of Rick Hanson for aesthetic or some other lesser consideration? No, it only makes sense to assume that you (like any decent person) strives to act with justice towards everybody - that the identity of the other party is irrelevant. Therefore your reply that "I don't" respect the rights of collectivists really isn't the case - how can it be?

My response:

Jesus what fucking creepshow did this pop out of?

If somebody, a rational reasoned person chooses to not instigate force or fraud against other people - it is because he/she knows that to do so, is to deny his OWN nature as a human being. It is to try and FAKE reality. To know ONE thing to be true and yet to pretend that it is not. Some people will undoubtedly live their whole lives in such a fashion -but I don't.

Sabotta had asked:

It all comes down to the problem of evil. Why do people choose evil over good? Or, to use your terminology, why do humans choose to live below their nature? I really have no answer.

My response:

Here's my most recent theory - inspired by the discussions of the past 4 days here.

It's because many of them have decided not to think, a long long time ago - and there is nothing that will change their choice on that. They believe whatever cotton-candy nonesense they can stuff into their head to justify their "feelings" - and hope for the best and that nobody exposes them (if even that much self-awareness is going on).


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