Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Every Sperm is Sacred" as done by "No Treason" part 9

The thread continues:

Kennedy writes to Kendrick:

That we can see is that you're overwrought and thrashing and that it's easy to to attack straw men. I think this "perilously close" tactic bids fair to deserve becoming a recognized category of straw man fallacy. "To discredit P1 simply assert that P2 is perilously close to P1 and then ridicule P2."

My response:

I don't see Kendrick as being overwrought and thrashing. He seems to be laughing his ass off at what passses for "intellectual discussion" here.

But then - he doesn't place to much value on the "folx" who he has been blasting out of the water. I do. Or - I did.

Myself - I am pretty depressed by this whole discussion. On Friday - I believed that the only second-handed type of intellect on this discussion group was strictly
ltd. to one person.

After watching the absurd display by various others I see that easily half of the regulars here have never grasped what a "right" is - nor have they integrated it into their hierarchy of knowledge.

And sadder still - they don't even know it.

My world is a lot smaller today, than it was on Friday.

I should have paid attention when *THIS* exchange took place John.
If I had Read....

Billy said:

Nothin' to it. "Just say 'no'." It's up to individuals to decide to live as human beings instead of animals.

Kennedy responded:

That is the basis upon which I live, but I don't fully understand how it is derived from self interest.

Billy said:

Synthesize the Mind/Body Split, and you'll get there.

To reasoning beings, John, "self-interest" goes far beyond the primitive demands of a fire and a chunk of meat. It's about a lot more than simply sustaining what Robert Anton Wilson called "the robot" - the body in which we carry around our minds. It's about being able to look at oneself and take pride in functioning *as* a reasoning being.

That's the root of it. Once that's grasped, the implications arenot terribly difficult to sort out.

Kennedy had written:

I know why I should value *my* liberty, why I should value *yours* or anyone else's is distinctly more problematic.

Billy responded:

Not to me, it's not. It's because I am able to abstract an identification that includes both of us in the same conceptual category, and understand that integrity is a crucial intellectual value, which means: it will not do to assert my rights while denying yours. That would be a grievous error, at best, but an outright lie most ordinarily.

This entire issue is about fidelity to precise thought. It's about never taking the easy dodge out, which is exactly what the whole "Prudent Predator" load of crap is.

Kennedy says:

And I'm not convinced that you've done anything more than intuit the answer as I have. My gut tells me you're right, but my gut also tells me you're going with your gut. In my Catholic days we called this a Leap of Faith, and I don't mean that as a criticism.

Billy said:

I understand, but you're wrong.

If there is a problem with my understanding of this, it's only how rarely I'm able to make it clear to others. However, and regarding that, it's also true that the understanding requires an active grasp of a very complex set of concepts. I have never once seen it successfully imparted to someone who was not actively attempting to put it together.


It would have saved me a lot of trouble - effort and emotion.

I would not have been labouring under the assumption that I was dealing with somebody who was as Billy wrote "actively attempting to put it together" or capable of putting it together.

You and the Bruce can chortle away like spider monkeys to yourself with the belief that you have used your intellectual abilities to defeat the ideas, painstakingly laid out to you, by myself and Kendrick or various others.

But know this. All you did was convince "me" personally that discussion with you is a waste of my time. And take that as a "no thanks" - I won't be participating
on the blog either.


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