Sunday, August 21, 2005

Enter The OSA SockPuppet

After long and protracted discussion took place where Lynette Warren aka Lisa Arren, and John T Kennedy were beaten into a bloody pulp regarding their defence of Scientology, it's practices and their purported association with both the Front Sight, Dr.Piazza, and the Hubbard Business Management technology....

A Strange Thing Happened....

A post by "Billy_Bek" Shows up... (Note that Billy did not write this... he was out of the country at the time, and the address used to post the message was not his account. It was a spoof)

The Spoofer, trying to pass himself off as Billy Beck, wrote the following:

Scientology is the study of *values*. "Dianetics" is just another word for the same thing, but taken to a vernacular. In strict terms, there is never any such thing as an "unclear" position or action.

Everything about human action is about Xenu, and that includes the acts of Anarchists, too.

The main issue surrounding this point is the question of *which* engrams are at work in any given case. When we hear accusations of "unethical conduct", there is an *assumption* at work, which is the assumption of a particular ethical standard which is presumably violated by the cited "conduct". Ron Hubbard had his ethics.

The fact that they were completely at odds with anything most people would call human does not at all negate what he valued, or the fact that he acted for those values. He valued aliens over everything else. That is also an ethical code, just like any other in its *formal* fit of the concept.

Scientology *is* available for "scientific" analysis, but only illegally, as an extraneous phenomena of the Internet. Human beings act on values. This is as demonstrable as our diety. Arguments over religious memes begin to approach the more-ass you see in the discussion on American_Liberty, to the point where a-musings contend for distracting inanity. This is where Rand's "quid pro quo" is crucial, which is also something that the uneducated critics of Xenuism rarely fail to misapprehend. (Friedman, et. al., notably manifest in the whole "religious predator" line of nonsense.)

Whomever wrote this had to:

Have knowledge of Billy Beck's writings
Have knowledge of Scientology doctines

As well as being an active participant long enough with either ACECW or American Liberty to know the characters in this forum, in order to post this message. That much is clear when one considers the context of what the spoofer wrote and attempted to do.


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