Friday, August 26, 2005

"The Apple Dumpling, No Treason Gang" Strikes Again

A few years ago, when John or Lynette would have said "I didn't do it" in regards to some question about their behavior, I would have been willing to give them the benefit of a doubt.

Not anymore.

Here are the facts about the "Wikipedia Vandalism" which I think should be examined, so that other people can make up their mind about what happened.

Quite some time ago Oct 2004, I made a Wikipedia entry on the subject of Somena. Since that time, a number of Wikipedians have updated, added, corrected or expanded the Somena Wikipedia Somena entry. There was no vandalism ever in the 8 months that the Somena entry was up on Wikipedia until August 20th of this year.

Here is the history of all the edits ever made to the Somena entry.

On August 20th, while various No Treasonites, were engaged in a flame war with me on No Treason, over the discussion of Billy Beck's statements, somebody, went into the Wikipedia Somena entry, and did some rather curious edits.

Curiously, while John T Kennedy and Lynette were crowing about my lack of ethics in running a process service business, and later on started to make remarks about my grandfather, and his ashes... indeed even going so far as to call me a "corpse dragger", notice the changes that this mysterious Wikipedia vandal, made:

If you run a quick DNS lookup on the IP in question, you will note the following...

Country: United States
City: Farmington, Connecticut

Now, my memory might be faulty, but I do recall that John T Kennedy has for quite some time lived in Connecticut, with Lynette. Perhaps Rob Robertson, who used to be friends with Lynette and John Kennedy, might want to help with pinning down exactly where in CT they were last known to be living.

I wonder how far Bristol is from Farmington, and if for example, an ISP in Farmington would serve the Kennedy household in Bristol. (*Update* No need. Google Maps show exactly how far it is between Farmington and Bristol.)

Now Kennedy remarks that he did not vandalize the page.

Perhaps he didn't. Maybe it was Lynette. Or maybe it was some other anarcho-capitalist No Treason audience member in CT, who while watching the on-going flamewar on August 20th, between myself and them, decided to vandalize the Wikipedia entry, with the same kinds of attacks as Lynette and Kennedy were making upon me and upon the efforts of myself and my family in Somena.


John... pull my other finger.

Now, I would direct people to the transcript that Kennedy and Warren posted over at No Treason.Near the end of the chat, one of Billy Beck's remarks to Kennedy was

"Very little would surprise me at this point, John. Very little."

That's pretty much my take on it too.

I don't really care at this point which of the No Treason Weezils vandalized the Wiki entry on Somena. It's not that important to me. I just thought that it might be *instructive* for those who are making up their minds about the ethics of all the people involved to see some of what they can expect from these people.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Mike said...


Remind me to stay on your good side.

I'm really quite a nice lefty, statist penquin. And I have ethics...


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