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Are These People *Clams* ? (Cult of Scientology?)

You Be the Judge: Why is No Treasons' Archives Littered with Attacks on various Libertarians from all over the United States, when at the same time, they consistently have defended one thing over the years? - Scientology. Here's some of the anti-dote to their attempts to make Scientology acceptable among libertarins:

"Confusion Techniques" and "Persecution Techniques"

Visit for more information!
John Kennedy Admits "NO Treason's Involvement with LRH Business Management Tech:

Warren makes a joke about the death of a member and punishment done to her by the cult

More of Warrens justification of SeaOrg Punishment

Warrren gets uppity about "intellectual property rights" of the COS

Warren claims there are "Satisfied OT customers"

Kennedy states "COS is not a problem that needs solving"

Warren trys to discourage the boycott of Front Sight A Scientology Front Gun School

Warren again attacks the victims of scientology

Warren knows a great deal about the faked up case against Henson

She goes on to quote the following... (wonder where she got it)...about faked up case against
Scientology Critic...

Kennedy rejects the notion that Scientology uses brainwashing....

Kennedy's first attack on the boycott of the COS Frontsight Gun School

Schnieder posts that he thinks its a shame that COS buildings are not blazing in flames... Kennedy gets a little defensive about this

Kennedy keeps making the claim that Piazza has nothing to do with Front Sight

Warren says she has no sympathy for anybody who tangles with the cult

Tim Starr Bitchslaps Warren about her comments re the Cult.

Tim Starr Bitchslapps them again about more of their defence of the Cult

Kennedy defends the Quack Piazza COS jerks actions against Hsieh

Kennedy goes after Dean Gambaurd

Kennedy details MORE on Gambaurd... (How does he know so much?)

Tim Starr confronts Kennedy on his statement about his involvement with LRH Business Management Tech

As for Front Sight - the Scientology Front Gun School In Question -- Whatever happened to them?

The Front Sight School that John T Kennedy and Lynnette Warren of the No-Treason blog so vigorously tried to defend while attacking the Hsiehs, has been now sued by numerous clients.

It is indeed a Scientology front - despite multiple claims to the contrary by Kennedy and Warren.

I wonder why they were so eager to cover up the link between FRONT SIGHT and SCIENTOLOGY?

From the website in question...

"The purpose of this website is to provide information and developments regarding a class action lawsuit filed against Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute on behalf of members alleging fraud, misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty.

The suit claims that Defendants Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Management Incorporated, doing business as Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, marketed and sold "First Family Memberships" by means of false and misleading statements. The suit further alleges that Defendant Piazza illegally diverted money obtained from plaintiffs and members of the class, as well as money from a $6,000,000 bank loan using Front Sight property as security, for his personal use and self aggrandizement, thus causing harm to First Family Members. The Complaint seeks to enjoin Defendant Piazza from continuing to market and advertise Front Sight Memberships in ways that violate State and Federal laws, and to recover compensatory damages, punitive damages, restitution and/or disgorgement of the defendants’ ill-gotten gains."
From an article about Front Sight... and Dr.Piazza...

DeMeo's not playing you're my favorite 'special' deputy game


Twice a year, Nye County Sheriff's deputies must pass a proficiency test using the weapons they carry on the streets. With Front Sight Firearms Training Institute just 30 minutes south of Pahrump, why has the Sheriff's Office stopped qualifying its deputies there?

While Wade Lieseke was sheriff, Front Sight did not charge the county to use the facility, and the former sheriff "found it advantageous to the county" to train there. Yet today, neither the county's deputies nor its Special Tactics And Response Team (START) train at Front Sight ranges.

Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo explained that soon after taking office, he met with Front Sight's founder, Ignatius Piazza. At that meeting, the sheriff found that if the county wanted to continue qualifying and training deputies at Front Sight, DeMeo had to give Piazza "special consideration."

Instead the newly-elected sheriff did just the opposite. DeMeo took away what Piazza wanted most - his special deputy status.

"There was a quid pro quo relationship between Front Sight and the previous sheriff," DeMeo stated. "People knew about it. I don't know what the arrangement was, but I refused to continue it."

"That's absurd," said former sheriff Wade Lieseke.

"The move away from using Front Sight's range was purely political," Lieseke continued. "Piazza contributed $8,000 to my campaign (in 2002, when the incumbent lost to DeMeo) and that was a mortal sin."

Lieseke spent 12 years as Nye County's sheriff before losing the election to Tony DeMeo for the term starting in January 2003. "We had our own range at no cost and we did our own training," said the former sheriff.

Lieseke, who is strongly rumored to be running for sheriff this year but so far has not announced his intentions, denies special considerations were given to Front Sight's owner. But there is no question that the special deputy badges granted by Lieseke to Piazza and his management staff - then taken away by Sheriff DeMeo - created a bone of contention that Piazza found hard to swallow.

Front Sight's founder was also given notarized letters, written on Nye County letterhead and signed by then-sheriff Lieseke. The Pahrump Valley Times obtained a copy of a letter renewing Piazza's status, dated Sept. 16, 2002. It reads: "To Whom it may concern: Due to his duties and exposure as a Special Deputy, Ignatius A. Piazza is required to be armed 24 hours per day. This includes maintaining his firearm, concealed on his person when flying commercial airlines. Special Deputy Ignatius Piazza has received an extensive amount of specialized and advanced firearms training."

Piazza was among a handful of Front Sight personnel that were issued the badges, but he was the only person enabled to carry a firearm while flying.

The letter was used by Piazza to fly from San Jose, Calif., into McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas multiple times each month, allowing him to oversee the ongoing construction at Front Sight facilities as well as to lecture, promote and sell Front Sight membership programs.

Piazza is a California resident who lives and works from his upscale home in Santa Cruz County where permits to carry firearms are next to impossible to come by for civilians. To be "required" to carry a weapon 24-hours per day is extremely uncommon for a civilian or law enforcement professional.

According to Sheriff DeMeo, "No one in the Nye County Sheriff's Office is mandated to carry a firearm 24/7."

The PVT also acquired a copy of the Sept. 7, 2002 letter from Ignatius Piazza requesting then-sheriff Lieseke to renew his notarized letter. It said, in part, "I greatly appreciate your assistance in providing for my safety. I have been flying regularly all year (at least four times per month) without question or incident. Please let me know how I can assist you."

"Piazza demanded that I reissue the letter," said Sheriff DeMeo. "I said no. He may not have known it was illegal before then, but from that point on he knew it was illegal (to have and use the special deputy badge and to fly with a firearm).

"I told him it was illegal and for him to pursue that was troubling to me," said DeMeo.

The letter issued by Lieseke was correct in saying Piazza has extensive training. He is one of just two men in the country to earn a four weapon combat master designation - using a handgun, rifle, shotgun and submachine gun. However, according to DeMeo, Piazza has never attended a day of special training to carry a firearm on an airplane.

"Flying while armed is a police use-of-force class," said DeMeo. "It is only available to law enforcement personnel who must carry a firearm."

Piazza also told his instructors he showed his special deputy badge to bypass airport security checks.

"There are standards for deputies," said DeMeo. "Our deputies are state certified that they meet certain standards. For a department to give a badge to someone and give that person the same authority as a fully trained officer is irresponsible at the least. Lieseke during his 12-year term bestowed the status on several non-trained civilians.

"We definitely don't have the money to defend our agency should any (so-called) special deputies be involved in a shooting incident," said DeMeo. "The previous sheriff put the county in jeopardy."

During introductions at the beginning of each new teaching session at Front Sight, instructors with special deputy badges were encouraged to introduce themselves as Nye County deputies, although not all complied. The practice was started when Front Sight first opened and Piazza was still teaching. He walked from range to range introducing his instructors, reportedly citing sometimes-embellished accomplishments.

Piazza also exploited the fact that Nye County officers - and especially the prestigious START teams - were training at Front Sight. "He was telling people Front Sight was training our county officers. Piazza was using the county as part of his marketing," said DeMeo.

"I felt for the integrity of the sheriff's office that I had to separate the Nye County Sheriff's Office from Front Sight," continued DeMeo. "The sheriff's office has not been compromised by Front Sight.

"That (relationship with the previous sheriff) is why people feel inhibited to talk about Front Sight," said DeMeo, responding to a comment that local contractors and former Front Sight employees from Pahrump had brought information to the Pahrump Valley Times, but would not allow their names to be published.

"People need to know that this agency has no relationship with Front Sight," DeMeo emphasized.

According to Lieseke the flap over special deputy badges is "silliness." He said many rural counties grant badges to citizens to augment their police force.

"The law has changed and now special deputies must be academy certified," said Lieseke. "They must be a Category I or III officer.

"That killed our reserve officer program," he continued. "We used to have two-man cars using our reserves, but the law simply changed.

"We deputized (Front Sight instructors) because they were out there alone at some distance from town," Lieseke explained. "A lot of them were ex-police officers and could handle themselves.

"They had commission cards because they were commissioned as special deputies," he continued. "They were sworn deputies, but reserves can't do that any longer. Crime is up and the statistics show it. The change hurts the rural areas."

First Amended Class Action Complaint for Violations of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and California Consumer Protection Laws.
Go take a look at the litigation documents here.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Beck's Final Say On The Subject

Who and what am I on this issue? Well - I guess, since Billy has made it clear that he wants his materials (ALL OF IT) off of No Treason, and Kennedy is such a dishonest parasite, looter scum, that he won't abide by the request... I am the *fee* that Kennedy gets to pay for using Billy's work without his permission.

Every few months, just when John Kennedy thinks he's gotten away with having people forgotten what a lowlife scumbag he is, I will pop up and remind people of Beck's final word on the matter. Here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lopez's suggestion

Is recently that I compile the evidence against Kennedy or Kate.

I have done so - re Scientolgy and Kennedy here - and Kate on SDA 2.0 - ( guess Lopez has not bothered to examine the archives of either place)

As for the issue of Billy Beck and whether he wants his material OFF of No Treason.

It's a simple matter Lopez.

Have you bothered to ASK Billy?

Or are you just taking John T Kennedy's word for it?

I know what the answer to that is...

but it would be funny to the on-lookers of this little spat to hear you say the words out-loud.

*Update* Ernest Brown suggests the following instead which cuts to the bone, on why it is that Billy himself has *nothing to say* on the subject himself.

" bg class="oa">Billy Beck
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Subject: Re: Bookmark - Beck: Black Church Burnings (was Re: Joy)
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" Kurt Lochner"> wrote:

>Billy Beck wrote:
>>Kennedy documented the whole episode here --

>Fuck him..

That's exactly what I've had to say about him [KENNEDY] for months, now.

Because John T Kennedy Is An Ignorant Idiot

Here is an article for him to read:

Maybe someday he will learn something, and stop acting like such a scientologist dumbass.

Indian Kinship: Relevant Portion

Among the Salish tribes of British Columbia, who appear to have had a special fondness for recording genealogies, the number of terms of relationship is very greatly increased. Thus four or even five generations back of that of the parents and below that of the children are marked by distinct terms, and there are distinguishing terms for the first, second, third, and youngest child, and for the uncle, aunt, etc., according as one's father, mother, or other relative through whom the relationship exists is living or dead, and different terms for a living and a dead wife. There are thus 25 terms of relationship among the Lillooet, 28 among the Shuswap, and 31 among the Squawmish. By way of illustration, the kinship system of the last-mentioned tribe is subjoined (see Boas in Rep. on N. W. Tribes of Can., 136, 1890):
1. Direct relationship. Haakweyuk, great-great-great grandparent or great

great-great grandchild; tsopeyuk, great-great-grandparent or great-great-grandchild; stshamik, great-grandparent or great-grandchild; seel, grandfather, grandmother, great-uncle, or great-aunt; emats, grandchild, grandnephew, or grandniece; man, father; chisha, mother; men, child; seentl, eldest child; anontatsh, second child; menchechit, third child; saut, youngest child; kupkuopits, brothers, sisters, and cousins together; kuopits, elder brother or sister, or father's or mother's elder brother's or sister's child; skak, younger brother or sister, or father's or mother's younger brother's or sister's child snchoitl, cousin.

2. Indirect relationship.

(A) When the intermediate relative is alive: sisi, father's or mother's brother or sister; staeatl, brother's or sister's child; chemash, wife's or husband's cousin, brother, or sister; or cousin's brother's or sister's wife or husband; saak, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, or mother-in-law; skuewas, any relative of a I)usharnl or wife.
(B) When the intermediate relative is dead: uotsaeqoitl, father's or mother's brother or sister; suinemaitl, brother's or sister's child; chaiae, wife's or husband's cousin, brother, or sister, or cousin's brother's or sister's wife or husband; slikoaitl, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, or mother-in-law.
3. Indirect affinity Skseel, wife's grandfather or grandmother, or stepfather's, stepmother's father or mother; skaman, aunt's husband or stepfather; skechisha, uncle's wife or stepmother; skemen, stepchild; skemats, grandson's or granddaughter's wife or husband; skesaak, wife's or husband's stepfather or stepmother, or stepchild's husband or wife.

It will be noted that many of these are reciprocal terms, and such were very common in Indian kinship systems, used between persons of different generations, as above, or sometimes between persons of opposite, sex of the same generation, such as husband and wife. Out of 14 terms in Klamath and Modoc 11 are reciprocal. On the other hand, persons of different sexes will often indicate the same relative, such as a father or a mother, by entirely different terms, and different terms are applied to those of a person's own phratry and to members of the opposite one, while the Iroquois use, the equivalent for 'brother' for persons inside and outside the tribe indiscriminately. In all tribes, no matter how organized, a distinction is made between the elder and the younger members of the generation of self, at least between older and younger members of the same sex.

The terms corresponding to 'grandfather' and `grandmother,' except among a few peoples, like the Salish, were extended to all those of a generation older than that of the parents and sometimes even to persons of that generation, while the term for 'grandchild' was applied to very young people by old ones quite indiscriminately. There were also terms to indicate the potential relationship of husband and wife, applied by a man to his wife's sisters, his aunt, or his niece, not because she was or had been, but because she might become, his wife, as usually happens to the wife's sister after the wife's death.

But then... I don't need to read about this crap on the internet...
I live it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lynette Warren Revealed

I have it on good authority - from her ex-husband, that this is what Lynette Warren of "No Treason" Looks like... or at least she did, before she snuck out of her house in the middle of the night and moved off to join the Dalton Gang - aka John T Kennedy and his "No Treason Bordello"


Now that's some kind of ugly.

John T Kennedy of No Treason Steals

And Continues to Steal

And if you don't believe this

Just ask Billy Beck who asked many months ago for John to remove ALL his material from No Treason, and which John T Kennedy has refused to do.

You don't need to take my word for it.

Just ask Beck himself.

I do not speak for the man.

I don't need to.

He has no interest in "reasoning" with a looter, a jackal and a parasite - like Kennedy, but if he is convinced you are an honest person, and can benefit by his experience in his dealings with Kennedy, he might be inclined to tell you what happened, and why it is that Kennedy is such a creep and why he see's fit to never deal with the man again.

And that's the real reason that I am a regular running source of amusement and scorn at the NotReason Circle-Jerk of Prudent Predators... because I am willing to regularly bring up the fact that they are a bunch of parasites.

Ah well.

Such is life in a land of malignant eloi.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

John T Kennedy As The Eleanor Rigby Of BlogWord....

Are you like obsessed with me?

Click on the link.

Gee John. How did you end up at the Progressive Bloggers of Canada web diaries?
Did your charming friend KKKate McMillan send you?

Or were you stalking me?

Curious isn't it?

Do you run around the internet looking for my vague refferences to things you may have said to me in the past, and then feel a compulsion to rebut it?

Did your parents not pay enough attention to you when you were a child, and this is how you compensate by it now? By running around the internet picking fights with people?


How very very sad for you.

Psychotherapy is not cheap John, but it would perhaps be a little less embarrasing than this vulgar display of your psychopathology.

So.... uh....When are you going to take Billy Beck's Material Off his Website, as per his request.

Now look, people, if there is anybody out there who doesn't believe that Billy requested/demanded of John T Kennedy, why don't you send Billy a little email note and ask him. That ought to clarify matters.

You will note, in going back to the Chronology of Events that it was only after that I pointed out what a second-hand loser, looter, parasite and thief that Kennedy was acting like by stealing Billy's stuff (ie using it without his permission) that the attacks against me began in earnest... especially helped along by his brighty shinny new friend KKKate

Cause guess what, John T Kennedy. Running around the internet attack me, hoping to provoke a response from Billy is simply not going to work.

Billy Beck still hates your gates. He still considers you to be be dead to him. And he still wants you to take down all your stuff off his site.

And what I find hilarious is this...

Aren't 3 of these "authors" no longer participating in your little weblog Kennedy? Which makes your little blogroll there, a "lie"?


Any good psychiatrist will tell you that talking to yourself... or talking to people who refuse to answer you, is a sign of mental instablity. Do you do this in other places Kennedy, or just in blogworld?

Keep on Blogging Kennedy.
I love watching you make such an ass of yourself.

Monday, November 14, 2005

"John T Kennedy" The Looter and Parasite!

Was just on AIM with Mike Schnieder last night and he told me that he had demanded that his stuff be taken off of Kennedy's No Treason blog months ago. And Kennedy has once again refused to comply with the request.

Way back when John T Kennedy of the Not Reason blog was just kicking No Treason into existence, trying to get people to add to his masthead... he asked a number of people, myself included, to let him have some of our content.

A few months ago, Billy Beck asked that his materials be removed from the No Treason blog. Kennedy proceeded to play silly buggar, and made up, out of whole cloth some bullshit about how at one point Billy had agreed to let the material stay on his blog for as long as the blog existed. Billy has no recollection of such an agreement taking place. And he frankly could care less to argue the point. His stance is... "Well.. if that's how little honor the guy has, he's not worth any thought, effort or emotion". And so it's been.

Any mention of Kennedy or "No Treason", when I talk with Billy, is met with the equivelent of a "cold stare" and a contemptous metaphysical spit, in their direction.

I guess that's the cruelest twist of all for John T Kennedy.
That somebody like Billy, whose articles he so admires that he needs to basically engage in thievery at this point to keep them, could give a runny poop about him, or his stupid blog.

I suspect, that at this point in time, if news was to break in blog-circles that Kennedy and the entire crew of No Treason, were to have perhaps died in some horrible flaming car-accident... I am guessing that the response to this news from Billy would be something along the lines of...
"Oh gee. How terrible. Hey, Anybody want coffee?"

Anyways.. back to the issue at hand.
Neither I, nor Mike Schenider nor Rob Robertson made ANY such agreement with Kennedy with respect to Material we provided for the No Treason Blog.

Schneider and I are pretty much convinced that Kennedy is simply flat out telling a lie, when he claims that such an agreement was reached with Beck.

I don't know if Bill Kasper aka Dick Freely was asked to make this sort of agreement or not. Maybe he will chime in at some point...

Now, thinking back on the timeline involved..I particularly recall the event about being asked to contribute my column to No Treason, because the column which I did allow Kennedy to put up on "No Treason", was one which had been previously printed in the National Post, and for which they had paid me money. I had to seek permission from the National Post to get that column available for the No Treason blog. At no time did Kennedy ask for the right to hold my column on his blog in perpetuity.

Kennedy also made no such demand or agreement with Mike Schenider, former owner of the American Liberty Yahoo Group with respect to his essay on "Keys"

Mike Schnieder demanded months ago, shortly after Billy did, that Kennedy remove his material from the No Treason blog. Kennedy still has not done so... but came up with a rather weird little twist to justify his theft of intellectual property rights. He posted a message telling people that by reading this message, and by commenting on the message, it was giving consent that their material was now and forevermore the property of No Treason.

Of course Mike Schneider never agreed to such a thing, either back in 2000, nor did he go along with this little retroactive bullshit that Kennedy was trying to pull.

When I demanded that Kennedy remove my material from his blog in 2002, he did so. He made no mention of this faked up little agreeement that he claims he had with No Treason contributor Billy Beck, which he pulled out his ass a few months back, when Billy asked for his stuff to be removed.

So I was lucky. this day, despite their objections... both of Billy's articles and Schenider's article is still up on the No Treason website.

Ergo, John T Kennedy is a second-handed looter.. who has stolen the value of Mike Schnieder's efforts as well as Billy Beck, and he will not abide by their demand that the material be stripped from his website.

Kennedy came by here last week or so saying "You are too stupid for tears".

I just wanted to point out to Kennedy, and any casual readers here... that he is , as I responded at the time "Too dishonest for words".

So well done Kennedy! Keep your plunder that you stole from Billy Beck and Mike Schneider! And try like a blithering fool to pretend that you aren't really stealing.

Maybe.. if Kennedy wishes for it really really hard, he will someday be able to convince himself that his looting of Mike and Billy's stuff is just fine. It might even be done in his shrivelled brain, with some sort of fancy creation of some sort of variation on his prudent predator crap.

After-all.. he *can* and *is* getting away with stealing people's stuff... so maybe, he hasn't violated their rights at all... I guess is how the mind-game he plays with himself will go.

Seriously.. though, I have to ask myself..
Doesn't the man have even a modicum of self-respect?
Guess Not.

2 Months, And he is still providing evidence with each passing day that he is nothing but a parasite looter.

Here's an analogy that seems to fit as far as I am concerned. Let's say for example:

A few years ago, a guy (John T Kennedy) moves into the local neighborhood, and he buys a house. He asks various people in the neighborhood to borrow some of their power-tools... like a lawnmower, hedgetrimmers, or a power-pressure washer etc.... He does not offer to pay for the use of these things, or even rent the damn things. He just asks for the use of them.

Being neighborly... and liking the fact that by this guy fixing up his yard, which will improve property values in the entire neighborhood, these kindly neighbors, like Billy, Mike, Myself and Robertson, all agree to loan Kennedy the use of our property. Again.. this is important, no money changes hand. No value is recieved by the owners of these tools.

A few years later... when he has a falling out with one of his neighbors (me), I demand that he stop using my lawn-tool (An essay I had written for National Publication), and I demand that he remove it from his site, give me back my possession of the property. He does so, without a problem.

A few more years later.. he (Kennedy) has another falling out, and this time, when the kindly neighbor who had loaned the guy the use of several power-tools, and a lawnmower... demands that he stop using these tools and return them to his possession... this Kennedy crank says "But you said when we moved in, that I could use these tools, so long as I lived here, and I felt like I needed them to tend to my yard" Of course, the neighbor (Beck) has absolutley no recollection of such an "agreement" being made.

A few weeks after this, yet another neighbor has a falling out over all this... and again asks for his stuff to be returned to his possesion. (Mike Schneider) Kennedy refuses... but he doesn't dare bring up this issue of whether or not he got Mike to agree to *anything* when Mike first lent him the use of the Keys essay.

So there you have it. What John T Kennedy is, in blunt terms, the crazy neighbor down the street, who borrows on the goodwill of his neighbors, and then pretends, simply because he has them in his possession, he has more of a right to them, than the original owners of the material.

And this tool can't figure out why his brand of "rational evangalism" doesn't work.
Well.. a giant sized economy clue might be for those in thrall with Kennedy's Tea and Crumpet's Circle Jerk No-Treason party is... looters don't make very good prosletyzers.

Wotta show, ladies and gents...
Wotta show!

Friday, November 04, 2005

2nd Hand Parasites Begging For Beck's Attention

I just love watching Kennedy and the "No Treason" wankers beg for attention from Billy Beck.

Latest remarks, by Lopez and Kennedy seem to indicate the delusion on their part that Billy actually gives a flying crap what they have to say or think.

Kennedy writes:

"I'm curious as to just what Beck is doing to fight that war. That's no slap; I'm honestly curious."

I love how the very po-mo Kennedy is still hawking his "No Treason" site, with the tag lines in google that No Treason has "archives going back to 1998". Of course, everything in those "early years" of the "No Treason archives" is Billy's work... which Kennedy no longer has permission to have on his website.

John T Kennedy has never been honest.

Every day that Billy's stuff remains on his site, without his permission proves just how much of a second-handed parasite weasle he is, and always has been. But then what can you expect from somebody who's business practices are straight from the L.Ron Hubbard Business Management "tech"?